terça-feira, dezembro 17, 2013

Defender will go on - 2ª parte

Image Hosted by Google O actual Land Rover Defender

It was an expensive solution, however was still possible to get new Beatles, even if not made by VW. Something similar can happen with the Defender after Land Rover stop producing this model, as identical or look alike vehicles are still being made elsewhere.

There are still two vehicles who continue in production, the Turkish Otokar Defender and the not so original Iranian Morattab Pazhan, who have a similar appearance.

The Iranian model, not so original, but with a set of interesting features, may not be easy to import to Europe, however the Otokar model may be suitable to be imported without too many difficulties.

As happened with the old Beatle, I foresee imports from other sources who will continue to build Defenders and now may find new markets, replacing original Land Rover products with they own.

Tal como habitualmente, a reposta de Mark à nossa mensagem foi imediata, manifestando a sua plena concordância, tendo surgido posteriormente uma abordagem de Mike, numa mensagem de correio electrónico que quem subscreve a correspondência proveniente da LRO terá recebido.
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